ASL - American Sign Language

This is the American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet that hearing-impaired people use,

if they have to "spell" which is rarely, but helpful when necessary...


There are easy to learn Picture Dictionaries of "hand signs and gestures" available at libraries, bookstores, and online.

American Sign Language is easy to learn because the hand gestures are mostly simple yet very intuitive universal expressive signs

and symbolic gestures.

It is like "Dancing with your Hands"... If you check out any youtube video of Balinese Dance, you will see what I mean... :-)

Here is a good link to a University Sponsored ASL Blogspot:

and here is a good link for kids with excellent still pictures/diagrams...

eat_in_asl.png open-post.png

When I started performing my poetry on stage, I quickly realized the beauty and emotion that can be expressed by using (American) Sign Language along with my spoken words, and then variations of both: Dance, Mime, Storytelling, Drama, etc. This is definitely a Powerful Art to learn... It makes you "World-Wide" Universally-Lingual without saying a word, instead You "Show the Words", You "Perform the Words", You "Are the Words" in Human Motion (and E-Motion...). Now I can Speak in any Country... with kids or adults... :-)