Alexander Calder's Circus -- Filmed in Paris

now on youtube courtesy of the Whitney Museum of Art

One of the famous 20th Century Artists (Sculptors) who also loved the Circus! :-)

This film (now in video form) is from Paris, France...

The Artists and Writers in Paris during the 1920's created a legendary movement in Cultural History...

That could easily be a year-long full course-load of study at any university...

(but that is a whole other Subject of Subjects... :-)

Meanwhile, care-full study (re-viewings and freeze-frames of the video, library books, and the internet etc.)

could teach you a lifetime of Art Projects with Alexander Calder...

(He started his career as an engineer...but got inspired to make art and be and live as an artist...)

I think today is his birthday, July 22(?), 1898 because Google dedicated their Homepage Logo to him today...

Enjoy his Circus... then check out Cirque du Soleil on youtube...



Tabletop Paper Circus Pop-up Cutout by Allen (2-sided views), 22" in diameter.

Before completed... there is a red overhead arch to be raised. 2010.

Art Projects:

1. Make a (class project) Circus! It can be a miniature "table-top" size or a life-size performance with your students in costume...

2. List some of the scenery components and props etc.

List your cast of characters: Master of Ceremonies, Acrobats, Clowns, Jugglers, Animals, etc.

Storyboard or outline the sequence of events and performances.

3. Calder used wire and arts & crafts materials to make his characters. Decide what materials you would like to use.

4. Select musical accompaniment to liven up your show.

5. Videotape your performance (and perhaps even the "process of production") and share it at school and online.

6. Celebrate.