Alphabets - Page 2 - Fonts and AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Cognitive Science and Arts

The following 3 Charts are from an article back in 1995, by one of the Founding Heroes of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Cognition, Dougles R. Hofstader: "On Seeing A's and Seeing As" published by Stanford University. The first chart is simply B & W variations (Fonts) of the letter A:


The next 2 Charts deal with Human and Machine Cognition ("Recognition") of what constitutes "A-ness" and Alphabetical Recognition. Design and Science... In other words, "How do you program a machine/computer/robot etc. to 'recognize' letters of the Alphabet...?"

AaaaABC.GIF AaaGrids.GIF

The chart on the left starts with geometric pattern variations of the letter "a" and develops full alphabets based on the initial

form of "a" ...

The chart on the right demonstrates the astounding number of possible geometric pattern variations for the letter "a"...

and how very complex is the 'problem' of teaching/programming a machine to recognize letters of an alphabet... !!!

I bring up this subject for your consideration now, because these questions and fields of research obviously deal with Art and Perception and Cognition/Knowing... and more and more, the fields of Sciences and Arts and Humanities all converge; the traditional borders of Subject Studies are quickly becoming porous and overlapping...

Arts & Design Skills (or "Skills Sets") are getting acknowledged as a Valuable Component of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving.

What used to be called STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is now called

STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Arts.

If you want to learn more about STEAM Projects, check out Douglas R. Hofstader at wikipedia,

or Steven Pinker at his website:

and many of our own wikispace pages here at Arts and Education Adventure...

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and beyond, on the internet etc.

Your generation is a new world, being an Artist is now a Career Choice, not just a hobby...

(Think Pixar and Disney, Sony, Apple, Google, and Cirque du Soleil etc... :-)