Ballets Russe

Ballets Russes - The Russian Ballet directed by Serge Diaghilev from 1909-1929

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The History of the Ballet Russe directed by Serge Diaghilev from 1909-1929

This is an excellent website documenting the history of Ballet Russe and their amazing group of artists

including: dancers, choreographers, costumer designers and makers, composers, musicians, directors, etc.

It is very difficult to find good youtube videos showing the real ballet dancers performing in the 1920's,

(way before commercial TV was invented in the late 1940's after WW II...)

but I found this original film clip from Ballet Russe in Monte Carlo, France... filmed by one of the cast members

for documentary purposes; there is no fancy stage or scenery, just music and dancers' dance... :-)

And here is a brief contemporary video from the website that explains the discovery of a dance academy collection related to

Ballet Russe, found in a Wilmington, Delaware basement, just before it was to become discarded garbage...

to be continued...

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