Ceramic Tile Designs Worldwide have a colorful cultural tradition in building decoration.

Many great historical buildings such as: palaces, churches, mosques, government buildings, and cultural centers are National Treasures of Art and Architecture. Museum collections of ceramic tiles archive important artifacts in social and art history...

And of course, Ceramic Tile Designs are beautiful expressions of Geometric Art.

You can also use Google Image Search for "ceramic tiles" and journey around the world...

1. http://www.moroccan-furniture-decor.com/cat_moroccan_tiles.cfm

These are examples of beautiful Moroccan tiles.

You can also read and view online a current Moroccan Newspaper in Arabic, French, or English.

The image below consists of only 2 tiles, that have been enlarged and cropped off at the top and bottom. So you get to see some excellent Geometry Detail, but not the full picture intended...So the large graphic that follows this close-up view includes the complete square tile, copied and pasted into a 3 x 3 square tiling, that can keep you busy and even make you dizzy, with all its intricacies...



And if you "observe carefully" at the various patterns and 'flows' and symmetries, and weavings and curves and shapes and angles,

et cetera... you may discover some amazing things...which you might list and develop into your own creative projects and variations;

including: colorings, paper constructions, collages etc.

2.Italian "brown" design tiles

You can also read and view an Italian newspaper from Venice, Italy -- The city with all the gondolas and canals...

3.The Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel discovered intact during a road renovation project in 1996,

reveals a stunnigly well-preserved mosaic from about 1700 years ago! And if you click on the "Israel" link, you can read and view a newspaper from Israel: in English or Hebrew.

to be continued...