Chinese Arts is a LARGE Subject to cover... :-)

Because China has a LONG History of Civilization (thousands of years...)

and a LARGE Country of Land and Peoples (a whole continent) to cover...

This will be just some selected pages and links to the endless internet resources available...

If you can visit an Asian neighborhood or museum, or watch videos or movies or shows,

or visit your public library, or bookstore, etc. Any and all of these experiences can add to your knowledge

of the world's largest country...

You have already seen examples of Chinese Calligraphy, the brush-stroke symbols that make up their language:

on TV, in magazines, in your cities, at restaurants, on packaging from China, etc.

1. Here is a nice rubber stamp kit made with small wood blocks of some Chinese Characters, from online:

I enjoy looking at the art of their everyday and beautiful language...


2. Montessori for Mandarin Chinese - a very cool blog with educational materials for the classroom and home.

The blog currently (September 2011) has a very good short video showing urban life in Hangzhou, China:

"Bikes in Hangzhou". This is fun to watch and it is an excellent introduction to really being in China and seeing Chinese people

-- kids and adults going about their daily routines in a big city, and hearing everyone speak (Mandarin) Chinese.

There is also an international Montessori for Mandarin Chinese Organization and a Facebook Page as well.

3. Tai Chi - A Soft Martial Art

It is difficult to find good youtube Tai Chi videos for kids and/or beginners, so here is a less-than-good but free youtube video

about Tai Chi for Kids, by an excellent Teacher, but narrated from a stilted script...

This next video demonstrates very advanced skills and form ("kata"), but at least it is quiet,

without a jabbering lecture by someone reading a printed script.

The young woman is dressed in a traditional Chinese silk garment, but you will quickly see that her Power is expertly disciplined

from many years of practice and that she is a very Formidable Fighter, if need be. She is what we call "Steel Silk"... enjoy the viewing...

to be continued...