Chinese Folk Designs - A Collection of 300 Cut-Paper Designs

by W.M. Hawley 1949 and published by Dover Pictorial Archive Series in 1971


This collection of cut-paper designs from China were used for sewing embroidery patterns on cloth and clothing

and since sewing was mostly a woman's art and craft, most of the pictures are of flowers and birds with a feminine stylistic feel.

If you want to view more of a 'masculine tattoo style' of designs, check Google Images Search for those type of subjects.

Here are some stunning examples of beautiful art from this book, and from China... enjoy...

Art Project:

1. Use these designs to practice paper-cutting and papercrafting skills to make handmade greeting cards as gifts for family and friends.

2. Color these designs to enliven the subjects; then you could make desktop theater scenery and storytelling characters to perform a show and make a video project to publish on youtube etc.

3. Use these designs with a variety of arts & crafts supplies and materials to create many different types of art projects:

colorful sewing projects, colorful yarn sculptures, puppets, handmade books, music videos, poems, classroom decorations, posters, calendars, flipbooks, graphic novels, colorful felt soft sculptures and dolls and toys, etc.

After just writing the ideas for the Art Project, I checked out some software that came with my PC, MovieMaker by Microsoft,

and taught myself to make a slideshow of the photographs I took and then bought a 99 cents mp3 at amazon "Chinese flute music"

(based on the approximate length of the slide show with a title page and credit page added = 2:40) and uploaded it

to be the soundtrack for the MovieMaker video production.

It took several attempts, but then it worked (somehow :-) and now it is a real music video on youtube... to share... :-)

all comments and questions are welcome...


to be continued...