Chinese Arts - Page 5 - Papermaking


Left: an ancient Chinese print of traditional papermaking

Right: a contemporary traditional papermaking factory in Bhutan, a small Himalayan country bordering China.

Here is a website about a small modern-day Chinese Village that still maintains the ancient tradition and process of handmaking paper.

Shiqiao Village is located in the remote south western province of Guizhou, China. Although the capital city Guiyang is modern with skyscrapers and industries, there is still an undeveloped mountainous countryside filled with traditional Chinese minority peoples who live in small villages and practice their ancient ways and culture. This website has several photographs documenting their traditions.

This is the wikipedia link to the province of Guiahou, China that offers a broader and current view of modern life in this part of China.

And here is the website about Bhutan, from which the above photograph was taken.

And here is the brief wonderful essay that started me on this Discovery Learning Project... :-)