Company Logos - Designing a Symbol and Company Picture/Graphic Identity

apple_logo.jpgIBM_logo.jpgAT&T_logo.jpg google_logo.jpg


Just like Countries of the world have official and popular graphic Symbols representing them, so do Companies (legally referred to as Corporations) around the world. Companies often advertise their products and services in multiple forms of media and they have official correspondence and documents etc. So a Company Logo is vital to their Corporate Identity, and it gets legal protection worldwide, so that people and/or other businesses cannot steal them or use them.

Above are just a few well-known company logos for you to see and think about how they are designed, and what symbols they use to express

who they are and what they do, etc.

Art Project:

Design a Company Logo for a real company or an imaginary company:

1. Think about what the company does: what products or services do they make or provide, etc.?

2. What symbols or objects or graphic design elements could you use and why?

3. Who are the people that you want to communicate your "Identity" to? Where do they live? How old are they? etc.