Costume Design in Theater and Movies


This is a costume designed by Pablo Picasso in 1917 for the Chinese Conjurer, in a Paris Ballet Production by Diaghilev's "Ballet Russe".

From Wikipedia:

"A costume designer or costume mistress/master is a person whose responsibility

is to design costumes for a film or stage production.

He or she is considered an important part of the "production team", working alongside:

the director, scenic and lighting designers as well as the sound designer.

The costume designer might also collaborate with a hair/wig master or a makeup designer.

In European theatre the role is somewhat different, as the theatre designer will design both costume and scenic elements.

Costume designers will typically seek to enhance a character's personality,

and/or to create an evolving plot of colour, changing social status, or period,

through the visual design of garments and other means of dressing, distorting and enhancing the body

- within the framework of the director's vision.

At the same time, the designer must ensure that the designs allow the actor

to move in a manner consistent with the historical period,

and enables the actor to execute the director's blocking of the production, without damage to the garments.

Additional considerations include the durability and washability of garments, particularly in extended runs.

The designer must work in consultation with not only the director, but the set and lighting designers to ensure

that the overall design of the production works together.

The designer needs to possess strong artistic capabilities as well as:

a thorough knowledge of pattern development, draping, drafting, textiles and costume/fashion history,

as well as awareness of poise when in period dress,

and be sensitive to the creative direction that the performer wants to take his/her character."

Theater and Movie Production is not for wimps

and Creative Collaboration among Artists and Technicians can be quite a People Challenge...

It is also among the most Powerful of Expressive Arts...

Can you think of any movies that made you laugh or cry, or inspired your walk of life...?