Dear Arts/Music/Drama Colleagues
and Visiting Teachers from the Projects-Based Learning Group

(who have been following the Japanese Cultural History Discussion
that led to the Taiko Drum Videos):
Here is a Flash Mob Video from youtube that occurred at Times Square in New York City April 7, 2011...
which showcases cheap plastic upside-down trash cans and a smaller generic plastic bucket, as lively and fun Taiko Drummers
beat their music for an accompanying group of street dancers to celebrate Public Collective Aliveness
with Art/Music/Drama/and Dance...

"Yes! This is easily repeatable at your school!"
Like I said over at the PBL Teachers Group, just make sure "You give the Biggest Drum to your School Principal..."
"Bang On Your Drums" for Spring,
Allen Berg

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Hubert V. Yee
Online Community Assistant @ Edutopia
Posted on 5/9/2011 5:48pm

Hi Allen,
We just had the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco. Wouldn't it be great if schools can sustain or have more music programs?