Fashion Designing


(Above) How about "European Cosmopolitan"...?

(Below) How about fancy "Goth Punk"...?

Goth_punk_fashion_1.jpg goth_punk_fashion_2.jpg

Fashion Designing is not just Art, it is a Worldwide Industry...

There are specialized colleges and career programs in Design Education and Design Careers.

Certainly you can be involved in fashion design without having specific career goals in that industry,

because design and arts and crafts of fashion is appealing to many creative subjects and interests.

It involves drawing (by hand-sketching and/or computer-aided-design), textiles and fabrics, art history,

international studies in culture and manufacturing and economics, multimedia productions,

communications and networking, high-tech fabrics and materials sciences, on and on...

It is also totally fun... Everybody likes to "dress-up" and "dress down", "styling" or going "casual"...

Of course, there are tons of internet resources and examples to explore...

I will start a list and add to it... you can do the same...

1. seems to be a European-based online magazine (this is where I found the Cosmopolitan examples)

about many different Design Professions

2. Japanese Fashion, Accessories, and More... (this is where I found the Black Goth fashion examples)