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Games of all kinds involve geometry, because games involve objects in space and players in space...

and much of the time they are moving...and much of the time Very Fast...

1. Here is a link to a free download of the "Bubble Ball Game" the most popular iPhone and iPad App in the world,
created by a 14 year old 8th grader on his own... who now having connected with Corporate Attorneys, is a Major Game Developer
named "Nay Games, LLC" (Limited Liability Corporation).
And a cool interview with Robert Nay, 8th Grader, about his experience as a young Gamer Developer Business(man/boy :-)


2. Here is a slower game, that you can play online here at our WikiSpace: it's a jigsaw puzzles website...
You get to see the original picture first and then it gets jumbled up into puzzle pieces.
This website is cool in that you can select the difficulty level by selecting the number and shapes of the puzzle pieces,
And I just did a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh, called "Starry Night" (one of my favorites) using just 12 zig-zag puzzle was easy and fun.
(finished it in about a minute and a half... :-)

Please contribute games you like to play on your computer:
Tell us the Name and provide the access information...
Thanks for contributing to Arts and Education Adventure Fun...


February 11, 2011 post by Allen
From Make Magazine online Daily Newsletter:
"Thingiverse 3D Catan Pieces: Legal?"
re: Settlers of Catan 3D Game Tiles

Our friend: The Hexagon... has gotten Supreme Treatment in this kool board game.
Make Magazine is awesome to follow online... It is DIY Paradise...
and if you follow the several links in this article you will find A Totally Kool 3D Laser Cut Puzzle Design
to Lock your Brain in Permanent Awe!!! :-)
and a Blog Roll to join the Fun...