Homes of Artists - Page 2 - Albrecht Durer - Watercolor painting over pencil drawing

by William Callow RWS, 1875


Before there were cameras, artists were the documentarians of the world, they made pictures for people to see different places and peoples and objects that otherwise could only be seen by local people in that location. There was no television, (no "tele-vision"),

no movie theaters, no radios, no telephones... just the hand-written texts and hand-drawn pictures that writers and artists made...

William Callow, a British artist from England, drew this picture on paper with a pencil and then used watercolour paints to "bring it to life".

He made this drawing and painting of Durer's House in Nuremberg, from memory! while back in England in 1875, 30 years after visiting Germany and other European countries, so it obviously left a great impression with him and he had a masterful memory of its details. The picture is 21" x 17" (55cm x 44cm). The painting was eventually acquired by a wealthy family in Colorado (USA) for their art collection and was recently given to The Denver Art Museum, which now owns it as part of their permanent collection. And it is now available to see for free on the internet at wiki commons , where I copied it and pasted it (digitally :-) here at our Arts and Education Adventure wikispace.

William Callow was a member of the Royal Watercolour Society of England (RWS) the oldest watercolor society in the world. That is a high distinction. So when you see his name in print it is written as William Callow, RWS. Similar to the high distinction that a Doctor would have with their Professional Name, like Dr. Jonas Salk MD (who invented the polio vaccine in the 1950's in the United States), MD standing for "Doctor of Medicine".

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