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Bharathanatyam (also spelled Bharatanatyam, Bharatnatyam or Bharata Natyam) is a classical dance form originating in South India Chiefly developed in Tamil Nadu that traces its roots back to more than 2,500 years ago. There are numerous classical dance styles accomplished in India of these, Bharathanatyam, the pride of the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, is possibly the most aesthetically and technically progressed. Today, it is one of the very popular and extensively performed dance styles and is practiced by many dancers all over the world. Bharathanatyam developed in the Temples of Tamil Nadu and some other parts of South India, where it was played as an important part of daily worship of the presiding deity of the Temple. The most important characters of Bharathanatyam are Bhavam (expression), Ragam (melody) and Thalam (rhythm).

Here is a brief example of an expert dancer from a youtube video: has an excellent series on world dance (dance from many different countries) with links to other arts as well.

Because our media and arts are so American and Eurocentric based, people have had to use the phrases "world music" and "world dance" etc. to catch-up to the world wide web of the internet international events and cultures that are now available with computers and digital mobile devices... So you will start getting used to hearing more and more about "non-western cultures" that have been around for thousands of years... as compared to "American culture" which is developing for about 200 years...