India Arts - Page 3 - Rangoli: Decorative Floor Drawings

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"Rangoli" is the Sanskrit India word that refers to decorative floor drawings in general, whereas "Kolam" is the word more specific to the southern Tamil Nadu region of India.

I am learning about India Arts just as you are here... so that is how India Arts Page 1, about Kolam, got to be first... :-)

Here is an amazing link to Rangoli designs throughout India and their cultural importance in India and Hindu religion worldwide...

Plus there are lots of youtube videos that are beautiful examples and tutorials demonstrating this sacred Indian Art.

The Kolam page information came from this link at, which has dozens of other "lenses"/topic links to Tamil Nadu

culture and arts...

If you go to Google Images Search and type in "Rangoli patterns" you will find tons of drawings to learn from...

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