Learn to Draw Disney - Page 2

Mulan and Mulan 2

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No single "Learn to Draw Disney" book can include all of the films and characters, there are so many...

So I am including the Mulan Films here at Page 2, which adds an important cultural heritage to learn about

through art: China and Chinese Arts...

The films themselves are fun and powerful experiences... lessons learned...

Unfortunately, now in October 2013, the below referenced 2 minute video is no longer available (It was too Professional to remain

freely online.) So you can check youtube, vimeo, Mulan DVD 'special features', and the artist who did it: Chen-Yi Chang, etc. for other

"How to Draw Mulan Characters"...

[And here is a wonderful 2 minute Video Lesson in Drawing and Character Development from the first Mulan film.


But I found this video online, for a starter...



The Legend of Mulan: A Folding Book of the Ancient Poem That Inspired the Disney Animated Film [Hardcover] Lei Fan (Author)

This review is from an amazon purchaser of the book:

"If you want to know the poem that inspired the Disney film, this is the book.

You get the entire original poem along with a beautiful presentation.

The poem is very short, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in style and mood.

From the outset this is a different kind of book. There is no binding, instead it is one long sheet of paper folded back and forth,

like an accordion... This gives the reader the sense they are reading an authentic Chinese document.

The photos, drawings, sketches, and Chinese writing inside only heighten this impression.

It's also a fascinating study in how the film was structured. You can see where Disney added to the story or left things out,

as well as see the the visual development of Mulan and her world as told by the pre-production art work.

Without a doubt, this makes for the best book of a Disney film yet!"

and this brief Masterpiece Conclusion by another purchaser:

This is one of my favorite Mulan books, simply because it was done not as a traditional book, but as a Chinese folding style book.

The book has 2 red covers - red is a very special color for the Chinese. The paper that was chosen looks like it is handmade paper

and that just adds to the beauty of this book. I also like that the poem is in English and also Chinese Characters.

The author put a lot of thought into this book, and it really shines!

This is definitely one of my most treasured books!

Note from Allen: I just bought a used copy from amazon... to be continued... :-)