Learn to Draw Droids (Robots) for Lessons in Anatomy and Engineering

Anatomy and Engineering of a B1 Battle Droid
from a great Engineering Book: The New Essential Guide to Droids
Text by Daniel Wallace, Full-Color Illustrations by Ian Fullwood
A Del Ray Trade Paperback Original copyright 2006 by Lucasfilm Ltd. starwars.com


Since I just included Learn to Draw Disney (and Pixar) Characters, I am including Droids (robots) as well, for several reasons...
This is a page from my High School Geometry Adventure wikispace referencing the superlative Arts and Education book here mentioned.
It is excellent for studying anatomy, without the complications of using student models, and with a particular advantage of learning and drawing
our Skeletal System: of structure and function and movements of our joints. It is also a great introduction to robotics, which whether you like it or not
is going to become a very socially acceptable "Species" in our quickly evolving Society on Earth. Military, Commerce, Governance, Public and Social Services,
Medicine and Health, and our very Homes will become Robotic and deemed socially 'ordinary'.

Robotic soldiering, robotic industry, robotic policing and fire services, robotic sanitation services, robotic nursing, and robotic cars will be part of our daily lives.
Students with "strong skill sets" in Science, Social Science, and Arts and "Humanities" (that will be an interesting 'evolving' Subject :-) can become adept leaders
in shaping this new and quickly Now World...

If I sound overly 'Dramatic' about how drawing and design skills are so important for our future society, please let me introduce you to Actroid "Repliee_Q2",
who is NOT Science Fiction, but is Science Now...(currently manufactured in Japan...)


Who might well soon become your new "Nanny" Babysitter or "Assisted-Care Provider" for your elderly parents... etc.
The Science Fiction of Star Wars created "Droids", which led to the Science of "Androids", which led to the Now Science of "Actroids"...
Get your Robot Pencils ready to draw and practice, practice, practice...Because "They better be Good" with Us...here on planet Earth...