Magic Carpet Video by Daniel Wurtzel in New York City

Not a single word, but...

his website is:


I decided to post some of the viewers' comments at youtube to see if any of these lead you to further considerations, discussions, research,

or projects, etc. (and maybe someone out there "knows Russian" ... :-)

Viewers Comments on "Magic Carpet video production by Daniel Wurtzel" on youtube:

Song is "By Any Other Name" by Thomas Newman, it was indeed played in (the movie) American Beauty.

mckseal 1 month ago

Now i understand what this dude in "American Beauty" meant when he said there was so much beauty in a plastic bag dancing in the wind.

UsagiVeg 6 months ago.

did you control those wind machines by computer or some software/code or did you just turn them on and left them as they are? :)

kurnikoff1989 6 months ago

this feels like my soul --dancing.... jaz4545 6 months ago

I can't turn away....awesome. SeriusTruth 6 months ago

the spirit of Isadora Duncan lives... MrMonsterstiffy 6 months ago

Замечательное творение американского художника Daniel Wurtzel (арт-проект «Air»). Создание скульптуры с помощью аэродинамической установки, когда поток воздуха поднимает вверх перья, лепестки роз, семена растений или кучу мусора. Скульптура возникает только в настоящее мгновение, что передает динамику и изменчивость жизни.

Это наполнено притягательной магией, красотой, в которой воплощается философия жизни. Нет мгновения похожего на другое, существует только спонтанность и вечное творчество.

missrilessi 6 months ago

@Mayaraschad Those are everyday fans... I'll bet you could do some kind of improv based on where the fans move your veil. Your movement might mess things up, but I'm sure you could figure something out. Could be a beautiful performance.

binnorie 7 months ago

wow! polaarsiil 7 months ago

I wonder how this was done, were the fans controlled by computer or manual variacs (I know I must have spelled that wrong lol, but its a device for speed controlling AC current motors)

Filanwizard 7 months ago

At first I was also wondering how he controlled it, but I'm pretty sure there is no control and the fans are just going constantly. In the middle of the circle the air creates an upwards vortex that the sheet dances in and around and stuff.

hypergeek14 7 months ago

@hypergeek14 For what it's worth, I think you're right: there is no control of the fans. They're just set up to create a vortex, and the mathematics of chaos does the rest.

Chaos is beautiful.

racookster 6 months ago

This is absolutely stunning! I even found myself attributing emotion and intention to the movements....such an incredible amount of organic-appearing fluid grace. Thank you for making and posting the piece.

mahsati 9 months ago

absolutely enchanting. I know a dancer who could dance with that cloth, if it would still dance with a person near it.

Tajime1 9 months ago


1. I do not know if or how the fans might be controlled to create the central "vortex of air currents"...

There are some interesting comments regarding this topic...

If some teachers and/or students want to try experiments about this project

(it could possibly be done first on a smaller scale with mini-fans, etc.)

Certainly let us know what happens, please share your project's results with our wikspace community...

2. I also appreciated that some folks referenced the soundtrack from the film "American Beauty"

and the composer Thomas Newman and the specific song "By Any Other Name"...

I did not see the movie... but now maybe I will and/or check out this composer's other music works...

3. Any Dancers out there wish to comment on the cloth's "choreography"...? :-)

And indeed, how would some of you consider doing a "duet" with the cloth...?

or your own solo response/interpretation etc.?

--- maybe you could make your own dance video to publish on youtube and share with us here at Edutopia wikispace...

4. I agree with the comment about the cloth "anthropomorphisizing" (?) with human emotions and intentional its dancing...

This is definitely part of this Art Piece's performance "Magic"...

5. And it is nice that someone mentioned Isadora Duncan! If you don't know who she was and what she did,

you can have an Adventure in Learning about 20th Century Dance History...

I love this video, it does speak to my soul... that is Powerful Art...