The Journey of Marco Polo from Italy to China (and back to Venice...)

during the years 1271-1295.

Note to Teachers: The first two program links here I think would be suitable for high school students,

then I include several books more suitable for younger students. There are tons of "age appropriate" resources for your use...


August 2016 Update: Unfortunately the link to the Marco Polo Program (from about 5 years ago) no longer works. I'll upate with other relevant links
as I find them... Allen

"In the Footsteps of Marco Polo" an online program from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

marco_polo_1.jpg Kublai_Khan-.jpg

Left: Marco Polo in Italy. Right: Kublai Khan in Mongolia. Both circa the late 1200's...

"In the Footsteps of Marco Polo" a free PBS Movie Documentary to view online -- awesome.

This is a full-length movie, so you may wish to have students view it in smaller unit sections, as they indeed appear at youtube,

focusing on one country or region at a time: with appropriate research, activity projects, class discussions, etc


Here are a couple of books for younger readers, the first one is an arts activities book as well, just glimpsed at amazon...

many available at your public libraries...

Marco_Polo_for_kids.jpg Marco_Polo_for_kids_2.jpg

There is certainly lots of Arts Education and History in the Life and Travels of Marco Polo... Enjoy your journey...

National Geographic "Marco Polo's Odyssey" is a nice 10 minute brief summary, narrated slide show with photos, music, and map.

Next is a series of contemporary photos by Michael Yamashita from his National Geographic Book "Marco Polo" published in 2002.

Then a current National Geographic magazine article and photography gallery of modern-day Venice with its inevitable

"battle with the sea..."