Music - Ukulele - Page 2: More Lessons and Links...

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Since I am a beginner uke player and learning from Youtube online lessons and the Ukulele Underground Forum, etc.

I will be sharing my adventure in learning and playing with you...

So if you start to follow these ukulele pages with me, I can tell you already that I will be creating a separate wikispace

just for our Ukulele stay "tuned" ...and keep visiting to hear when the new Ukulele Music Wikispace is up and strumming...

1. Very Basic Chord Chart (Google Image Search is a great tool also) for Total Beginners :-)

2. "Chordie" is your friend online! :-) They list hundreds of song lyrics with the accompanying Chords positioned

exactly along the phrasing/singing of the text. Here is the link for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

and here are a couple of youtube videos (they always are more advanced than us beginners,

but you can learn a lot from watching them):

1. The Lion King song track, so you can hear the beautiful music:

2. A teenager with some interesting uke strumming and picking techniques:

3. "Ukie Madness" Fun Version: and notice the fish tank bubbles in the background... :-)

to be continued... Page 3: "Stand By Me": video, written lyrics, and accompanying chords to play... :-)