National Emblems



"A national emblem symbolically represents a nation. Most national emblems originate in the natural world, such as animals or birds,

but another object may serve. National emblems may appear on many things such as the national flag, coat of arms, or other patriotic materials. One should not confuse a formal national emblem with less formal symbols perhaps associated with tourism or clichés, for example windmills in the Netherlands. Many unofficial symbols are as or even more important than the official ones. However official symbols are defined by law, which guarantees the proper use of them.

The national emblems of nations of the world in alphabetical order."

(there are hundred of pictures to view, very nice resource for understanding the Power of Visual Images, and design education, and social studies, etc.)

Art Project:

1. Design a Personal Emblem/Symbol to represent you! (or flag, etc.)

2. Compare and contrast different countries national emblems and symbols.

3. Compare and contrast the a nation's official Emblem and their country's popular symbols (and/or of different countries...)