Origami - Easy - Grades 1-3



Posted on 8/31/2011
at Edutopia "Projects-Based learning" Group

Dear Jenn,
This is 'almost perfect' for your project about birds...

It is a fantastic "Easy Dollar Bill Origami" Dover book that costs only $5 at bookstores

(or amazon.com anytime with S&H adding up to <$10) by John Montroll.

There are 32 easy paper-folding step-by-step (fold-by-fold) illustration guides to creating simple paper animals

and a few other objects like a boat, a house, a heart, a man and woman, etc.

They can all be colored with crayons etc. to personalize the students work.

The 'almost perfect' qualifier is because dollar bills are small for folding origami and they cost money! :-)
So the solution is for you to use about 180% enlargement of the dollar bill outline on blank white standard photocopy or printer paper 8 1/2" x 11"
(available by the ream (500 sheets) that you would pre-draw the outline for and possibly pre-cut the paper for your students...

OR Use the plain white copy paper and draw an enlarged blank outline rectangle that is the same proportion as the dollar bill.

OR: Use 9" x 12" colored construction paper which already adds "color" to the projects...
So that they would start with paper in the exact same proportion of a dollar bill but almost twice the size...

The students' creations can nicely decorate your classroom and if hung by thread, string, or yarn they can "fly and twirl" in the air by a window's breeze
or on their own...
AND I just realized that I already posted the Origami Resource Center online website here at Edutopia PBL: "School Projects in Paper Arts: Grades 1-3"


that would be perfect for your class all-year-round...
Happy Folding...

Allen Berg