Origami Bird - Crane - Intermediate

The Guy is a Good Teacher of Origami, I just watched another video of his on youtube


"Folding a Paper Crane": go there and do it: it will make you Happy too!

I made this while following his video, with freeze-framing pauses, using yellow construction paper.

Welcome to Origami Joy...and now you can start Teaching your own students how to do this :-)


(almost 2 million views of this tutorial, that's a good recommendation :-)

He goes slowly step-by-step, fold-by-fold...

There is one new tricky fold called the "Petal Fold" which he demonstrates well...

So take your time and hit the pause button to go back several times to review how he does it

And as this video demonstrates and explains nicely in the beginning part:

You have just learned how to make one of the Fundamental Origami Bases, called the Bird Base. :-)

Very Important Fundamental Skill! Give yourself a Gold Star :-)

to be continued, with Rob's Origami videos...

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of newly uploaded Tutorials by him at youtube...

We're on a roll...a good roll...which means we're learning how to "fold" paper into Magic... :-)


And his next video tutorial which is similar to this is called

" Origami Flapping Wings Bird", try it, you will like it too...