Origami Butterfly - Easy


Create a kool origami butterfly: Rob's video goes slow and step-by-step

and the video technique is good quality also;

So this could be a good first origami project to follow and make with your students:

Middle School and above...


(almost 2 million views of this tutorial, that is a good recommendation :-)

But if you are not comfortable working at this level, start with easier examples

at our "Origami Resource Center" Page and on youtube videos as well...)

Art Project:

I used regular 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper cut to a square; students can then color or decorate it any way they want.

After I made the first one, I made 4 more as gifts for some friends, using colorful magazine pages to fold,

which was a fun experiment to see how different magazine pages turned into the final butterfly design... :-)

I followed the video step-by-step (with some pauses=click the pause button :-)

and then made 3 or 4 butterfly gifts after learning how to make the first one.

You can experiment with colored markers etc to add some 'personality' to your models

and/or use colored construction paper etc.

Note: The very beginning of his video tutorial demonstrates a fundamental origami skill,

which is "How do you make a Perfect Square piece of paper from a standard 8 1/2" x 11" copy or printer paper sheet?"

This will save you lots of time and confusion, once you know how to do this simple technique.

2. If this video teacher "Rob" was good for you and your students, keep following his other youtube videos,

which I will do also, then we can share the same projects at our wikispace here...

Fold-by-Fold, Happy Allen...