Origami Video Tutorials with Sara Adams (Worldwide Examples)


Her website is an Encyclopedia of Origami, with wonderful photos and diagrams and video tutorials, etc.

Art Project:

1. Her video tutorials range from "Beginners" to "Advanced" levels;

she is an excellent careful demonstrator of origami folding and constructions.

2. The following example "Wobbly Cubes" could be organized into a good group/class project,

even though it looks very complicated...

Because it requires repetitive fairly basic constructions of 10 paper cubes...

Which could be made by 10 pairs of students working together in class simultaneously...

Maybe that by itself, would be challenge enough... and "Keep It Simple" Simon Says... :-)


....??? ... and then You as Teacher can fold the trickier paper ribbon procedure

that connects the 9 "Wobbly Cubes" Sculpture

(You must practice this procedure beforehand... it does require very care-full attention to details!!! :-)

(as the students watch your magic toy come alive... optional... :-)

The extra 10th cube can be inserted as shown in my Picasa Photo Album (see link below)

to stabilize the entire amazing handmade toy and sculpture.


While looking at these photographs, remind yourself that there is NO Glue or Tape...

just Folded Paper... (that is why Origami is more & more referred to as "Paper Engineering" :-)


IMG_3602.JPG IMG_3607.JPG