This is a worldwide paper-crafting website for all ages: K-12

and even Adult and Professional Level (Paper Engineers!)

They have unlimited free printable paper-model designs and templates for simple "print, cut, fold, and glue" constructions

all the way up to Professional Model-Makers who include Paper Engineers and "Yes, even Rocket Scientists."

If you can wade your way through all of the elementary school tv cartoon models and teenage Transformer Robots,

you can also find fantastic and diverse "Objets d"Art" that will delight even "Sophisticated Adults"... :-)

And you and your students make them yourselves! :-)

Model-Building, even and especially with simple and abundant paper supplies (your local Printing Press Shops

discard as throw-away "recyclables" tons of free paper -- just go in and introduce yourself as a local school teacher

and they will gladly create a weekly free-pick-up supply of clean paper, cardboard, cardstock, remnants, etc.

This is one of the best Arts Resources for your Classroom! :-)

Art Projects:

1. Start making papercraft models and you will never be bored for the rest of your Life... :-)

2. All of the Disney and Pixar Characters are now available free online as printable 3D paper models to build!"

Simply type in "Disney" in their Search Box and you will be led to 100+ printable paper templates for building these Characters

as papercrafted 3D models... Then your students can assemble a tabletop Toy Theater and perform plays and make videos of their plays...etc.