Peter and the Wolf - A Classic Music Story, Picture Book, Disney Film, Oscar Award-Winning Independent Puppet Animation Film, Art Project, Writing Project, etc.

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Caution Note to Teachers: The award-winning computer animation version may not be suitable for early elementary grade students:

It has a "Stark Post-Soviet/Eastern European Setting", but Magically done portraying a young boy's strength and courage

and special connection with animals and life... This video requires some understanding of social studies topics beyond the United States...

Important Note for Teachers; The DVD has excellent Educational 'Extra Sections' including

The musical themes

The story in pictures

The making of Peter & the Wolf

Behind the scenes documentary

Audio commentary

Educational workshops

These are all fantastic classroom curriculum materials!

Oscar Winning Modern Stop-Motion Film Animation with Puppets (Grades 5-12 only...) (Part 1, from the beginning...) (Part 2, all 4 parts are free online!) (Part 3...) (Part 4, conclusion)

Free Family and School Educational Package Online (this will be on the DVD itself!)

Old Cartoon Walt Disney Version:Part 1

Old Cartoon Walt Disney Version: Part 2

There are plenty of wonderful children's picture books to use as resource materials, from public libraries etc..

and National Geographic articles and photography galleries for all ages:

1. Wolf Wars:

Art Projects

1,. View two different versions of the story: as films or books

Then Compare (discuss how they are similar) and Contrast (discuss how they are different) two versions.

Which version do you like better and why?

2. Make a Class Project of Creating your Own Versions of the Story...

You can make a story book with pictures, a diorama, a series of photographs to make an online slideshow,

a slideshow with narration becomes a video, and with music it becomes a music video, or a puppet show (with everything... :-)


3. Writing project: The original story ends without the reader knowing what happens specifically to the wolf...

Does Peter's "parade to the zoo" actually get to the zoo? or what other possibilities can you imagine?

and what happens to the duck eaten inside the wolf? There a different ways to end the story...