1. The Pixar Story: The 1 hour+ Documentary Film, now free on youtube!


2. To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios (the Book)

by Karen Paik with interviews and research by Leslie Iwerks

Luckily you can read and view quite a bit of this Treasure of a Book for free at Google Books online at:

Copy & paste this into their search box:
"To Infinity and Beyond: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios"
or type in some of the title words yourself...


My Generation was lucky to grow-up with the Genius Magic of Walt Disney Studios,
"It is fun to do the impossible." Walt Disney.
Your generation is growing up with the Genius Magic of Pixar Animation Studios,
which continues to create the fun impossible, with the new technologies of the Computer World...

This book chronicles the amazing story of Pixar, the people who made it happen and what they discovered, invented, and created along the way...
It is a fascinating True Story behind the fascinating Fun Impossible Magic you watch in movie theaters and on your DVD Players and Computers...

If you're lucky, a local public library may have a copy to borrow (it is a Fancy Book :-)
but Google Books free online can give you a good read and good pix to start your journey in Animation Magic...

We will continue this Adventure with online links to videos and blogs etc.
to be continued...