Quma - 3D-CG Motion Capture Device for Computer Animation and Digital Puppetry

QUMA 3D-CG Motion Capture Device Video in English

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Uploaded by SoftEtherCorp on Jul 26, 2011
QUMA Web Site: http://quma.jp/en/ (English)

QUMA Twitter: http://twitter.com/SoftEtherCorp

SoftEther Corporation, a venture software development company from Computer Science at University of Tsukuba since 2004, is now developing an innovative 3D-input device technology. The code-name is "QUMA". The first product based on QUMA Technology has been finished of design for bulk production. It will be released on the market in the near future. This product could be the first hardware product developed by SoftEther.

As one teenager commented on youtube, "OK, take my money and just give it to me!" :-)

The cost of this new digital toy doll-robot-animator will be Beyond Regular Earth People...for some years to come... :-)
But I thought you might like to know what Artists and Inventors are "engineering for you" and your pocketbooks and wallets... :-)


And here is a no-longer "Top Secret - Under Development" video from the Japanese University Engineering Group who is manufacturing the new device.
This has more of a "Soft Touch" feel to it and uses a cute little girl graphics for the video animation...


This is a Way Kool "Disruptive Technology"...You know that Disney and Pixar already placed their orders...and/or are negotiating Patents and Licensing Rights...
But some years from now, this could lead to the General Public's capability to create their own Professional-Grade Hollywood Movies...???
and students in schools too... Teachers get ready... the Revolution of what is a new School is fast approaching...