Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't like to go on a scavenger hunt... to look for and discover hidden clues and surprises...

Art Project;
1. You, The teacher can organize the Hunt based on an appropriate subject or theme: a book you are reading in class,
a movie, a period in history, locations around your school, facts about your neighborhood and community, a holiday, etc.
2. Plan your strategy and make a map of the hunting locations:
A. What is the purpose of the Teasure/Scavenger Hunt?
B. What objects, artifacts, clues, notes, maps, documents, pictures, etc. will be hidden? Where and how?
C. What will be the sequence of locations and objects to discover?
D. What will be the Treasure, Conclusion, Surprise, Celebration, Awards, etc.
E. How will you organize students into teams?
F. You can also consider using the Internet and Curriculum materials as a Research and Hunting Tool...
G. All the students should receive some significant acknowledgement and/or reward for their participation:
a Certificate of Participation, a pin-on button or ribbon, a badge, a prize, etc.
3. Have Fun...

and tell us about it...

If this project turns out well, consider expanding it to other classrooms to create a school-wide event...etc.
or repeat it later in the year with your students for a different subject or theme...