Tabby Cat Books - Brand New Readers Series (K-3 and beyond... :-)


It doesn't get easier than this and you get 4 simple easy books in a slip case holder to keep them organized and appreciated...

And here comes the bonus trick for parents and teachers: These simple wonderful brightly illustrated books are your first lessons

in Drawing and Storyboarding - which are Foundational Principles and Skills for all future learning...

Drawing Disney Characters is already an advanced skill, too advanced for most pre-schoolers, but it follows the same Principles

presented here:

1. A Character (Person or Animal) has Body Parts that are connected and move into different positions and postures.

2. Basic Shapes and Lines are used to Draw these Characters (and any Objects around them...)

3. You recognize Circles, Rectangles, Triangles, Stripes, Zig-Zags, Curves, Points, and Squiggles (and Patterns), etc.

4. This is the Basis of Drawing, and from this you get to create people and pets, and animals and objects, and stories and emotions...

5. Just look at each book cover presented here: What do you see?

Next, I will explain storyboarding (Beginning - Middle - End :-) ... after lunch... :-)

"Hey, Tabby Cat!" and "Here Comes Tabby Cat"... :-)