Taiko Drumming - Information and Resources

This page will be a Central Source of Information and Resources about Taiko Drumming and related topics..
As our list and links increase, we will organize the the Information and links into Categories for easy access

1. Tamashii Taiko Group in Auckland, New Zealand. They are the professional group that produced the 3rd/last youtube video
on the Page: Japanese Arts


They have a good brief "About Taiko" section that includes FAQ's"
-- What is Taiko Drumming?
-- What is the history of Taiko Drumming?
--What instruments do you use?
--How can I learn to play Taiko Drumming?
They offer local classes in New Zealand that includes their published "Taiko Handbook"
as a reference for home practice and techniques, etc.
(perhaps that would be for sale if you email them...?
They have a Facebook Page and videos to sell and a newsletter about their Group.

2. Wikipedia: Search "Taiko Drumming"

3. Lots of Youtube videos to view all levels of performance..

to be continued...