Words are my Friends - Page 6 - Quotes

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”


“In dreams, begin responsibilities.”

Delmore Shwartz

1. What are your dreams, hopes, goals, visions...?

--- Are there any visual images (online etc) that could express some of these?

---Copy them or create them as your own "Affirmation" or "Dreams", etc.

2. What is "Boldness"? Being bold...? Acting bold = Taking bold action...

3. Dictionary synonyms: brave, courageous, adventurous...

4. Are we taught to be bold: by our parents, or teachers, or friends, or society, or...?

5. Can you describe something you did that was bold?

a. What were the circumstances? What were your options or choices?

b. Was it difficult to do? Why or why not?

c. What happened? What were the results or consequences: good or bad or both?

or new opportunites as a result of acting bold...?

6. Any "Lessons Learned"...?

7. What about "the next time" life presents you with some hard choices...?

A further consideration:

I know that many teenagers do some "crazy" things, (I did :-), it sort of goes with being a teenager,

testing your limits, doing things that you've never done before, etc.

1. How might you or other teenagers differentiate between being/acting "wreckless" and being/acting "bold"...?

2. Could you describe some example(s)?

3. Is it possible also, that sometimes being "bold", could mean "Not doing something", "walking away from a situation",

avoiding or detaching from someone else's 'problem', etc.?