World Paper Money

is art, design, printing, history, economics, and more....

This money is from Turkey and has a date from 1970, although I do not know if that is when it was printed; it was part of my father's collection
that he acquired from his international colleagues, many years ago. We can quickly note that "Money is Serious Business"; there is no place for smiles here...
Although surprisingly, on the reverse side (see below) there is a wonderful portrait of the world reknown ancient Sufi Poet "Rumi"
Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi 1207-1273.

To prevent counterfeit money printing, Governments have always gone to extreme lengths of using highly detailed miniaturized graphic designs
and special papers, seals, and inks etc. to discourage imitation money, for obvious reasons. And the prohibition laws and enforcement are relentlessly
pursued as a matter of National Security.

I am enclosing some links to STEM + Arts = STEAM Lessons and Projects about understanding, observing, and describing

"Analysis of a Whole and its Parts: Structure and Function",

which come from my sister wikispace "High School Geometry Adventure".

Because these concepts and skills go beyond Science and Engineering,

they relate to Arts & Crafts and Design as well. These include:

1. A brief photograph series of close-up and magnified views of the USA one dollar bill, with captioned comments and questions.

2. A teacher's guide outline for student essay writing and diagram presentations for analyzing various "Everyday Things" (Objects).

3. Picture book resources, Google Images, and Google Patents Search to explore the world around us and within us...

4. You can simply begin with the one dollar bill as an example for analysis, by having students follow the lesson outline and consider these questions:

Art Project:

USA One Dollar Bill - Front Side:
1. Why is George Washington a good or logical choice for the Person Portrait for the USA one dollar bill?
2. What is a "Federal Reserve Note"? and What is the "Federal Reserve Bank"?
and Why does the bill state: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private"?
3. List as many specific "text" parts of the bill and as many "number" parts of the bill design.
4. Using a simple magnifying glass, examine the intricacies of George Washington's Portrait.
5. Using a simple magnifying glass, examine the intricacies of the engraved miniaturized patterns and design elements.
6. Using a simple magnifying glass, do you see any tiny threads of color in the blank parts of the paper bill?

USA One Dollar Bill - Reverse side:
1. Where does the term "Greenbacks" come from?
2. Using a simple magnifying glass, examine the 2 circle pictures: The pyramid and the eagle.
These are labelled "The Great Seal of the United States"
3. I will list a few details and 'tricks' for you to observe:
1. How many layers of stone make up the partial pyramid structure?
2. How is this number significant in the history of the "Founding of our Country"?
3.What do the Latin words mean"
4. Why is there an Eye in the top triangle? and light beams radiating from the triangle?
Is this a Symbol for some thing or some idea...?

1. What objects are in the eagle's claws? What do they represent? (Yes, they are Symbols...).
2. How many stars are in the pattern above the eagle?
3. How many vertical stripes are on the banner in front of the eagle?
4. What does the Latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum" mean?
5. Why do you think that the Latin language is used on our Nation's paper money?

See: care-full and close examination of the Parts of a Whole thing, can reveal a lot of information and meaning.
That is important in the Scientific Method, in developing Critical Thinking Skills, and in developing an Artist's Design Skills.

There is a lot going on, in our everyday often 'unobserved' and 'ordinary' world...
Art and Being an Artist is a "Way of Seeing" and "Experiencing" that world and "Expressing" that world...

to be continued...


Art Project:
1.go to Google Images Search and type "World Paper Money": this is your unlimited Curriculum Resources...
2.Who gets their Portraits printed on the World's Paper Money"?
2.1 What type of people? Government Leaders, National Heroes, etc.
2.2 What kind of Images and Symbols are designed and printed on paper money? Why?
3. Design and Draw and Print your own Paper Money!
This can be Realistic for various Countries or Fantasy for your own Imaginary Countries and Worlds, Games, etc.
to be continued: Under Construction...