World Peace Project Page 3: "Songs Around the World: Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

"I Will Stand By You"

Dear Elena Aguilar,

Thank for your courage to speak and write the Truth, "I Will Stand By You" and the Millions of Other People across our Planet

who know and speak and write and sing the Truth.

"Songs Around the World: Playing for Change: Peace Through Music"

There are unending youtube videos documenting our One World Humanity

and the urgent need to make social change for The Truth of our Society...

"Stand By Me" is just one example, viewed more than 36 Million times


And today, in the New York Times again, Economist Paul Krugman speaks and writes the Truth

about the Big Banks and Giant Corporations that live in No Country and see No Earth beyond their Cooked Accounting Books...

that Subterfuge even the Sun!

In his article "Here Comes the Sun", he explains how Big Banks and Giant Corporations

are and will continue to fight renewable affordable Solar Energy Initiatives

because they are still stuck in the Illusion: The Big Lie of Fossil Fuels...

because that is where their Big Money is invested...

"We the People" will continue to grow and make Humankind Kind Again...

Thank You for being Present at


Allen Berg