World Peace Project Page 4: Yuri Van Gelder: Gymnast for Peace


"All movement begins from stillness..."


"There is nothing so strong as gentleness

and nothing so gentle as true strength."

More examples of the best "movers" on the planet...

Gymnastics: Olympic Gold Medal and World Champion Performances on the Rings:

A Modern History in Chronological Order: 11 Amazing Men (Read the List below the video screen.)

Exactly 10 minutes of Wow on Youtube: Youtube does not permit videos any longer than 10 minutes.

When you replay the video... catch the Freeze Frame at exactly 8:10 (hit pause).

This is a Profound Photograph. I took a screen shot with my camera.

Gymnastics: Olympic Gold Medal Performance on the Rings by Yuri Chechi.

I am including this repeat solo performance because it has the live sound of the Olympic Stadium

and the simultaneous commentary of the tv sports commentator... there is a thrilling energy in the live performance.